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Formulas that Work

Solu-Tech formulates from three guiding principles

Simplicity: every ingredient must have a purpose

Efficacy: every ingredient must add to the final product’s performance

Feasibility: the formula must work in terms of cost, safety, and manufacturing — scaling factors are considered at every stage


New Formulation

Solu-Tech transforms clients’ ideas into reality. All Solu-Tech formulas integrate Lean manufacturing and Baldridge quality principles, to make eventual scaling as efficient as possible.


A New Formulation project engagement is customized to client needs. Steps may include: 

  • Initial consultation to discover project goals and constraints

  • Raw materials research

  • Pro forma ingredient declaration

  • Experiment design

  • Stability testing


Reformulation & Mentoring

Solu-Tech can

  • Review and refit an existing formula for performance, optimize pricing, or better align with value propositions like “made in USA” or “talc-free.” 

  • Streamline and freshen overcomplicated formulas, to improve results for the beauty consumer and your bottom line. Legacy products tend to be over-preserved and over-emulsified, with excess and non-functioning ingredients. 

  • Mentor your R&D team, showing them expert skills and insights that will achieve  product safety, compliance, performance, or supply chain goals.

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