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Simplicity. Efficacy. Feasibility.
The holistic approach to cosmetics and personal care

Formulas that work under lab conditions are easy. But can they scale to the manufacturing line? Do the COGS work for sustainable growth? Will its performance and price point win with a discerning beauty consumer? Solu-Tech delivers formulas that work—from start to finished good.


New Formulation

New formulas succeed when they’re grounded in correct chemistry and good manufacturing and business sense. Solu-Tech can help you develop new products or expand an existing line.


Reformulation & Mentoring

Do your formulas perform as well as they could? Does a legacy product need a refresh? Do you need to optimize for today’s manufacturing realities? Solu-Tech can help.

Beauty Product Cream

Scale Up

Solu-Tech can guide any formula through the gauntlet of manufacturing and packaging with an eye to safety and quality. Make a seamless transition from lab conditions to manufacturing conditions. 

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